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Delivering any project "On Budget & On Time" involves both teamwork and quality management control.
Partnering with DM Seafast Ltd at Campbeltown Harbour and Kintyre Renewables Hub will ensure your delivery will be handled with exactly the same care as when it was shipped from your own production facility.
Our experienced team of Stevedores, Welders, Crane Appointed Persons and Crane Supervisors are available 24x7 to ensure your shipments is expedited both safelty and economically.
Our long established partnerships with local sub-contractors has enabled us to put forward plans to cope with the most challenging of cargoes.
We pride ourselves in being an experienced, professional and flexible company who understands and practices rigid safety and quality procedures.
We can also supply/hire all types of sea fasteners, dunnage, securing chains, and specialised lifting equipment to suit clients individual needs

To put your next shipment in safe hands, contact DM Seafast - details below.


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